Janice Tuanzon’s Mango Graham Cake

This simple, sweet, and satisfying dessert is so easy to prepare and assemble. The hard part is waiting for this tantalizing treat to set!

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Hi all, Has this ever happened to you? You create or recreate a dish, add or subtract a few ingredients, and it tastes even better than before? You want to share this creation with the world! Enough with people hearing, “you’ll have to take my word for it. BUT TRUST ME IT’S AMAZING.” Time to […]


Cultural Differences

I’ve been living in Japan for just under two weeks and it’s been wonderful. The food, the people, my small and very quaint town and of course my team are wonderful. Since arriving in Japan, I’ve felt like nothing short of a behemoth in some situations. In America we become so accustomed to doing things […]

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Back in Action: Turkey Time

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!! It’s time to kick off another season! If you’re just now joining my blog, my name is Simone Lee. I recently graduated from Penn State University and I was a member of their volleyball program. Those were some of the best years of my life, but after four years it was time to […]

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